Frequently Asked Questions

Selangor Saring

Applications can be made through the Selangkah App.

The program is open to Selangor residents of all ages with risk factors for the targeted illnesses (like family history, obesity, lifestyle etc.) as well as those who have not received any diagnosis from any health facilities.

The SELANGOR SARING program is free according to the eligibility requirements that have been set.

You must register in the Selangkah App (tap on the SELANGOR SARING button on the home screen). Coupons will be given in the Selangkah App once you have successfully registered.

Each successful applicant will receive screening vouchers based on their eligibility determined by their answers to the health questionnaire that they had submitted during registration.

The number of SELANGOR SARING coupons available depends on the venue – either 500 or 1,000 coupons per venue.

To determine if you are eligible for the type of screening in the SELANGOR SARING program. Each applicant will receive a separate screening coupon according to the risk assessment they had answered.

The results of the SELANGOR SARING screening test will be displayed in their Selangkah App through the SELANGOR SARING button.

The results of the participants' SELANGOR SARING screening test will be available 5 to 7 days after their SELANGOR SARING event.

Participants need to bring their identity card for verification purposes and a record of SELANGOR SARING coupons in the Selangkah App.

The SELANGOR SARING program is only for Malaysian citizens.

Participants are only allowed to go to the venue stated in their SELANGOR SARING registration. If they wish to change the date or location, they may click on the “Change Programme Session/Date” link in the same page.

The DUN of your choice may not provide the screening you are eligible to undergo. Our app system will only list the DUN locations that provide those screenings.

An individual's eligibility to undergo the screenings is based on
their risk factor assessment determined from the pre-screening form that they filled during registration. If you are assessed to possess risk factors for a certain illness, you will receive a screening voucher for that particular illness.

Mental SEHAT

SEHAT boleh digunakan oleh seluruh rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira latar belakang.

Pengguna boleh menjalankan saringan kesihatan mental secara kendiri pada bila-bila masa dan disarankan menggunakan perkhidmatan intervensi awal yang disediakan.

Talian sokongan psikososial SEHAT beroperasi setiap hari dari jam 8.30 pagi hingga 4.30 petang.

Ciri terbaharu dalam Modul Kesihatan Mental boleh diakses setelah pengguna selesai menjawab semua ujian saringan mental dan saringan risiko.

Mental SEHAT merangkumi lapan ciri:

  1. PENGESAHAN IDENTITIKemaskini profil anda dengan menjawab satu lagi soalan tambahan.
  2. UJIAN SARINGAN KESIHATAN MENTALLengkapkan empat seksyen soal selidik:
    • Perceived Stress Scale 10 (PSS-10)
    • Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS-21)
    • Patient Health Questionnaire 9 (PHQ-9)
    • Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS-15)
  3. SARINGAN RISIKOPengguna perlu menjawab satu soalan khas bagi mengenal pasti risiko mereka untuk mencederakan diri sendiri.
  4. MODUL KESIHATAN MENTALLengkapkan empat modul yang akan membantu pengguna mengurangkan tekanan dan kemurungan, serta mengajar mereka cara untuk menenangkan fikiran.
    • ACT & ACT For Life - Program pencegahan dan pengurusan tekanan yang mengintegrasikan elemen kerohanian Islam & bukan Islam serta terapi penerimaan dan komitmen
    • Kemurungan Dalam Kalangan Warga Emas
    • Psikologi Positif
  5. VIDEO PSIKOPENDIDIKANPengguna disarankan untuk menonton video psikopendidikan yang disediakan oleh pakar kesihatan mental mengenai teknik-teknik menguruskan stres dan kemurungan.
  6. TALIAN SOKONGAN PSIKOSOSIAL SEHATPengguna boleh bercakap terus dengan kaunselor berdaftar menerusi ciri ini untuk mendapatkan nasihat berkenaan kesihatan mental.
  7. SKALA LITERASI KESIHATAN MENTALCiri ini menguji kefahaman anda terhadap kesihatan mental secara menyeluruh.
  8. PENDAFTARAN SARINGAN PSIKIATRI BERSUBSIDIPengguna yang mendapat keputusan Ujian Saringan Kesihatan Mental yang membimbangkan boleh mendaftar untuk program saringan psikiatri bersubsidi melalui butang ini.
Selangkah Biz

Any registered business in Malaysia.

You can accept payment from the majority of E-wallet providers in Malaysia.

  1. Available now: KiplePay, Boost, TnG eWallet, GrabPay, AliPay, RazerPay, Wechat Pay (China)
  2. Coming soon: Maybank QRPay, ShopeePay

No, sign-up fee for registration with Selangkah BIZ

Yes. Please refer the rate table here:

Any mobile phone with android version 5 and above. You may download the application via Google Play Store.

Not available at the moment. It is coming soon.

Our customer service is here to help. You may reach us at 1-800-22-6600

Selangkah Wallet

  • Enter wallet main page
  • Tap on the header section that display the wallet balance.
  • Click on “Change PIN/Forgot PIN” menu items, enter your current PIN before you can input the new 6-digit PIN.

There could be several reasons why you did not receive an OTP :

  • Service downtime from telco service provider
  • You might receive the OTP delay
  • Click "resend" to receive new OTP or restart your mobile device
  • Mobile connectivity issue
  • Poor mobile connection might delay the OTP
  • You may try to switch between WIFI and MOBILE DATA
  • SMS no blocked in mobile device or by telco provider
  • Please check your mobile settings or refer your telco to verify

You may click on the “forgot PIN” to reset the 6-digit PIN after authenticating yourself via OTP (One Time Password) sent to your phone using SMS.

Yes. You can with withdrawal available fund inside your E-Wallet account to a bank account.

  • Enter wallet main page
  • Tap on the header section that display the wallet balance.
  • Click on “Withdrawal” menu items, input the bank details and authorize the request via 6-digit PIN.

Yes, you can. However, you will need a Selangkah account with a Malaysia mobile number to register.

Please follow these few steps:

  • Step 1: Contact our Customer Careline at 1-800-22-6600 to immediately suspend your Selangkah Wallet account. This is to protect your balance in your account.
  • Step 2: Contact your mobile service provider to block your SIM card immediately to avoid any attempt to request OTP to reset your Selangkah Wallet password/ PIN.

Account verification is an electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process performed through Selangkah Wallet.  By verifying your account, it will help us to get to know you better, protect your eWallet from unauthorised transactions.

Yes, it is mandatory if users want to activate their Selangkah Wallet (e.g. QR Payment)

  • You need to provide additional personal information including occupation, position, business type, email
  • ID verification: To scan the front & back of your personal NRIC / passport
  • Facial verification: Take a 3s selfie video using your mobile phone’s front camera.

  • Identity document is expired
  • Name, ID number or date of birth does not match the identity document provided
  • Image of Identity document is unclear
  • Image of the identity document is not complete
  • Selfie doesn’t match identity document
  • Selfie is of poor quality
  • Address is unclear

Account verification process is generally instantaneous, except in certain scenario where we require more time to process the application.

However, it should not take longer than 3 working days.