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Life Made Easy

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Transforming Lives
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With our comprehensive suite of services, we seamlessly merge health, fintech, welfare, and lifestyle, creating a harmonious balance that transforms your everyday routines into extraordinary experiences.

Always aiming high, Selangkah will continue to introduce more digital solutions emphasising public health, all with the aim of creating a safer environment for all communities.

Life Made Easy

with Selangkah

The lifestyle component of our products is designed to enrich and enhance everyday experiences. From curated content, personalized recommendations, and exclusive offers, we are dedicated to curating a range of lifestyle products and services that cater to the unique preferences and aspirations of our users. Our aim is to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience that adds value and convenience to their lives. 

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Rekod Hayat

The pioneer integrated lifetime health record in Malaysia, the patient-centric Rekod Hayat allows Selangkah App users to have their health information and medical prescriptions right at their fingertips

NCD Screening

A systematic health screening tool that currently supporting the Selangor Saring, a program initiated by the Selangor State Government as an early public health intervention to screen and prevent selected non-communicable diseases (NCD)

Mental SEHAT

Assess your mental health through self-screening modules and acquire psychosocial assistance from professional counsellors and support forums

Selangkah Wallet

Expanding its services into the commercial sector, Selangkah facilitates its users’ move towards a cashless society with its own e-wallet.

Selangkah Biz

Closing the digital gap for SMEs, Selangkah BIZ allows businesses to shift into a cashless commercial environment

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Bantuan Kehidupan Sejahtera Selangor (BINGKAS)

Empowering Financial Stabilities of Underpriviledged Families, Post-Pandemic — Financial support by the Selangor State Government for single mothers struggling to survive post-Covid-19 pandemic

Anak Selangor Anak Sihat (ASAS)

To address the issue of malnutrition in selected children aged 1 to 6, their growth (weight, height, BMI and head circumference) is recorded and monitored via the Selangkah App.

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Event Organising

Unlock unforgettable experiences and seamless perfection with Selangkah's visionary event organizing services, designed to create magical moments that leave our clients enchanted and delighted

Data Dissemination

Selangkah is not just a data pool; it's a dynamic collaborative platform that empowers partners to synergize their research efforts, unlocking a world of possibilities and driving innovation together


Passionately embracing potential partners, we create a realm of endless possibilities to redefine the future of research and innovation, one breakthrough at a time

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