Maybank2U QRPay Now Supports SELangkah Contact Tracing System for COVID-19

16 July 2020 by Chief Chapree

When the COVID-19 begins to make its way to Malaysia a few months ago, local authorities, companies, and developers have swiftly released plenty of digital contract tracing system to help manage the outbreak. One such system is the QR-based SELangkah which was created by Dr Helmi Zakariah and released by the Selangor state government back in May.

Maybank has recently announced that it has integrated the support for SELangkah into the QRPay platform within Maybank2U mobile app. The logic behind this is that users do not have to download a separate QR reader app if they already have Maybank2U app in their devices.

All they need to do is make sure that the Maybank2U app in their devices is already up to date. The contact tracing data is not being processed by the app itself though as the QRPay reader merely brings users to SELangkah’s website where the actual data recording takes place.

In a recent report, Dr Helmi has stated that SELangkah was used by 95% of Selangor’s population. Hence, he deemed that the app is scientifically effective based on the standard provided by a study made by Oxford University. Given the popularity of the system, we can see why Maybank has chosen to include the support for SELangkah QR code in Maybank2U QRPay.