Selangor Launches Enhanced Version Of Selangkah App With Commercial Features

9 February 2021

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Sebastian Loh
Lowyat News

KLANG, Feb 9 – The Selangor state government has launched an enhanced version of its contact tracing mobile app, Selangkah. In addition to new health features, the app now also has commercial-based ones that are specifically designed to help businesses cope with the ongoing pandemic and the ‘new normal’.

“Selangkah is essentially now a Super App with an all-in-one platform for the safety, health and financial needs of everyone,” said Tengku Iesta Tengku Alaudin, CEO of Selangkah Ventures Sdn Bhd.

The new features include a built-in scanner that now scans both QR Codes from Selangkah and MySejahtera through the app, as well as providing users the ability to check via their mobile phone’s GPS instead of scanning QR codes. Additionally, they can view the history of their past check-in scans, and check a bulletin board that displays the government’s latest updates on Covid-19.

Also announced and coming soon is a feature called “R.S.V.P – Register and Sign up for your Vaccine Pack”, which will allow users to use their Selangkah ID to register for their COVID-19 vaccination. The feature will be integrated with the manufacturer’s inventory system to ensure authenticity and provide a digital certificate for domestic and international travel.

The enhanced app launches with two commercial features – Selangkah ID and Selangkah BIZ. The first enables any transaction that requires digital and biometric authentication, while BIZ allows micro, small and medium enterprise merchants to accept cashless payments from any e-wallet provider. Additional commercial features like Selangkah WALLET and Selangkah PAY are also on the way.

For more information, you can visit Selangkah’s official website.

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